Why the Salmon?

Notre Dame Salmon of KnowledgeThe Salmon of Knowledge is the wisdom figure of Irish mythology. There are many versions of the classic tale, but in each a brave leader (Fionn) goes in search of wisdom in order to better serve his people (the Fianna). At the University of Notre Dame, our graduate students come seeking wisdom and knowledge, then go forth using those gifts for the benefit of people all over the world. The Salmon of Knowledge, therefore, is the perfect symbol of the common life journey shared by the diverse members of our graduate community.

Along the bottom frame are the Irish words traidisiunpobal, and ionracus which translate as tradition, community, and integrity. Graduate students at Notre Dame are welcomed into a vibrant and diverse community of scholars. They are immersed in an educational environment that encourages the integration of knowledge, experience, values, and action. And as members of the Notre Dame family, they participate in and contribute to the rich traditions of the university.