Tell Your Salmon Tale

Salmon Tales is here to share the awesome, interesting, and enlightening stories of our graduate student community by sharing your stories. Do you have a story to tell about your graduate school experience at Notre Dame? Or do you just want to share a quick post about your favorite spot in South Bend? We welcome both!

We not only want to hear about your awesome research, but your stories from outside the lab, library, and classroom:

  • What are your favorite things to do in South Bend area?
  • Where do you spend the most time on campus?
  • What is your passion project right now?
  • What makes you feel most at home in South Bend?
  • What led you to do the research you do? What continues to motivate you?
  • Or whatever you want to share!

If you have a story, please submit it here!

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Submissions can come in a variety of formats including written stories, audio or video recordings, photos, and artwork.