Q: South Bend Weather


We recently received a question asking the average temperature in Boston. Since Notre Dame is almost 900 miles west of Boston, it felt a bit like a Monty Python character asking for completely random and irrelevant information… “what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” On further investigation, however, it was interesting to note that the two cities have remarkably similar annual temperatures. Though we get a lot more snow!

You can view and compare climates in South Bend and across the globe at http://www.climate-zone.com/climate/united-states/indiana/south-bend/

Does it really snow much in South Bend?

Riley Hall snowmanYES! Get good boots!

The South Bend area averages 81.8″ of snow per year, with much of that total coming from lake effect snow squalls off nearby Lake Michigan. The most likely month for heavy snow is January, though snow depth on the ground at any one time rarely exceeds 10″. Winter temperatures reach their lowest point in January, averaging 23.3 degrees Fahrenheit during the month. During the winter months, the daytime average highs are just over 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lows averaging 16.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source: National Weather Service