Abstract of talks and copies of presentations 

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Schedule of Presentations

Saturday October 27
1:00Welcome and Introductions
1:30Kimon Valavanis
University of Denver
On Using Entropy as a Unified Measure to Evaluate
Autonomous Functionality of Hierarchical Systems
[PDF of presentation]
1:45Janos Sztipanovits
Vanderbilt University
Is Science in System Integration?
[PDF of presentation]
2:00Jay Farell
University of California at Riverside
Reliably Accurate State Estimation for Connected and Autonomous Highway Vehicles
[PDF of presentation]
2:15Michael Lemmon
University of Notre Dame
Equation-free Supervision of Coherent Structures in Complex Dynamical Networks
2:30Nitesh Chawla
University of Notre Dame
Modeling Higher Order Dependencies in Complex Systems
2:45John Baras
University of Maryland
Trusted Autonomy
[PDF of presentation]
3:30Trevor Williams
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Formation Flying Dynamics and Control for the MMS Mission: Flight Experience
[PDF of presentation]
3:45Eloy Garcia
Air Force Research Laboratory
Cooperative teams and differential games
4:00Michael McCourt
University of Washington Tacoma
Nonlinear analysis for control and estimation of human-machine teams
[PDF of presentation]
4:15Michael Sartori
Venable LLP
Control Through Intellectual Property
4:30Getting to know Panos Antsaklis
Sunday October 28
9:00Kevin Passino
The Ohio State University
Autonomy for the Others
[PDF of presentation]
9:15Hai Lin
University of Notre Dame
Challenges in achieving long-term autonomy
[PDF of presentation]
9:30Zhiqiang Gao
Cleveland State University
From the Autonomy of Control to the Autonomy of "Disturbance" Rejection
9:45Yue Wang
Clemson University
Trust-based Motion Planning, Decision Making and Control of Human-Robot Collaboration Systems
[PDF of presentation]
10:30Vijay Gupta
University of Notre Dame
Data-driven identification of control-oriented models for
passive systems
10:45Hasan Zakeri, Yang Yan, Etika Agarwal
University of Notre Dame
Recent results in resilient CPS design using passivity and dissipativity
[PDF of presentation]
11:00Getachew Befekadu
Morgan State University
On the asymptotics of exit problems for controlled Markov diffusion processes with random jumps and vanishing diffusion terms
[PDF of presentation]
11:15Luis Montestruque
EmNet LLC.
A Distributed Control Application to Urban Drainage Systems
[PDF of presentation]
11:30Nick Kottenstette
Corindus Vascular Robotics
A Secure Robotics Platform for Remote Vascular Interventions Including PCI and Stroke
[PDF of presentation]
11:45Meng Xia
The Mathworks
Lane Following Control with Sensor Fusion and Lane Detection
12:00Xenofon Koutsoukos
Vanderbilt University
Adversarial Regression for Detecting Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
[PDF of presentation]