Meet the Officers: Vice President Sam O’Melveny

Name: Sam O’Melveny

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: International Development Studies

Favorite Quote: “There are 50 grams of protein in this bag of tortillas” -Green Machine

I have been riding bikes for the last 5 years or so but started racing this year after James Pratt convinced me to help the team. One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was shaving my legs the night of my 21st birthday before the Michigan Criterium.  Although I love the Sunday morning group rides, I have found that there is nothing quite like being in a sprint you know you shouldn’t be in but thinking you’re gonna win. Being from Southern California people may expect my to be a surfer dude that wears Lulu Lemon shorts. While I do own a pair of Lulu Lemon shorts, I don’t think I fit the California boy mold. Off the bike I try to read a lot. I love reading American classics as well as about American history. If you need a good book or have one, please let me know. Next year my goal is to work with sponsors to start building a team infrastructure that lends itself to team building. I also plan to spread the Green Machine Bible: Big Gear, No Fear.  And remember, brakes are only for those who can afford them.