Michigan State/University of Michigan April 2-3

Notre Dame made the drive up to Michigan for the MSU/UofM race weekend April 2nd-3rd. Not surprisingly, the weather was terrible with blizzards and wind Saturday and below freezing temperatures on Sunday. Despite a bit of complaining, the weather did not stop the Irish from having another successful weekend.

On Saturday, the road race and individual time trial were held in Laingsburg, Michigan and were hosted by Michigan State University. The road race had sections of dirt roads with many potholes. Blizzards struck at the end of the Men’s A and B and Women’s A races, causing the dirt to turn to mud making the race even more difficult.

Men’s A:
Tony Pratt finished in 3rd place after making a breakaway earlier in the race. Due to confusion about passing the lead vehicle at the end of the race, some riders went ahead for the final sprint while Tony stayed behind the lead car. Because of the confusion, Tony received first place points, but having crossed the line third, he accepted 3rd place in the rankings. James Pratt suffered a flat tire and was unable to complete the race.

Men’s B:
David McKenna had a good race and finished in 12th place. He also helped a fellow competitor from Purdue who had mechanical issues throughout the race!

Men’s C:
Charles and Anthony Hall competed in the Men’s C race. Charles crashed on the first lap, but was able to eventually catch up to the peloton. Charles and Anthony finished in 16th and 17th places.

Men’s D:
Cole Carnesecca made his Notre Dame cycling debut in the Men’s D race. Cole finished 40th. Ryan Green missed the start of the race because it started earlier than it was supposed to, but was able to catch up to and pass several riders and work his way up to 29th place.

Women’s A:
Sarah Cullen made her women’s A debut at MSU. The field was split up on the first lap, but Sarah was able to catch up to riders to work with. Sarah finished in 10th place.

Women’s B/C:
Paige Handy and Laura McMillion represented Notre Dame in the women’s B road race. Most of the group stayed together for the entire race and in the final sprint, Paige came in 4th and Laura came in 5th.

Following the road races, the Irish competed in the 7 mile individual time trial.

Men’s A ITT:
James Pratt-7th
Anthony Pratt-8th

Men’s B ITT:
David McKenna-5th

Men’s C ITT-
Charles Hall-3rd
Anthony Hall-6th

Men’s D ITT-
Ryan Green-10th
Cole Carnesecca-11th

Women’s B/C ITT-
Paige Handy-1st
Laura McMillion-2nd

On Sunday, the Irish went to Ann Arbor to compete in the University of Michigan Criterium:

Men’s A-
Tony Pratt-9th
James Pratt-25th

Men’s B-
David McKenna-3rd

Men’s C-
Charles Hall-5th
Anthony Hall-18th

Men’s D-
Ryan Green-19th
Cole Carnesecca-30th

Women’s A-
Sarah Cullen-11th

Women’s B/C
Paige Handy-1st
Laura McMillion-10th

Next weekend is the home race!! Get pumped!