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Using Fall Break for Reflection

Congratulations, you are now halfway through the semester and you deserve much needed rest. However, this is also the perfect time to reflect on your teaching and make some adjustments for the future since the first half of the semester is still fresh in your mind. Make a list of class sessions, lesson plans, discussions, or assignments that were particularly successful as well as those you think could be improved upon. Then reflect upon what you could do in the future to improve the items in the latter list, especially ways in which you might implement them into the second half of the semester.


You are not going to be able to address everything you may want to address this semester, so don’t feel like you have to tackle everything. Try instead to focus on what is most pressing. For example: are your students normally very quiet during discussions? What might you do to improve discussions in the classroom? You may want to consult previous Kaneb blog posts for suggestions, browse the Kaneb Center bookshelf, and/or email the Kaneb Center for book suggestions. You are also welcome to schedule a consultation with the Kaneb Center to discuss strategies for the rest of this semester as well as future semesters.


Using Fall Break to Learn How to Teach Well Using Technology

Chris Clark, assistant director of the Kaneb Center, will be conducting workshops on how to better use technology in the classroom. These sessions are designed to help participants complete the Kaneb Center’s “Teaching Well Using Technology” certificate, in which participants earn badges for completing select online modules in four distinct categories. Details on the certificate can be found at the following link: https://twut.nd.edu/

All sessions in Room 331, DeBartolo Hall and open to graduate students, postdocs and faculty.


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