Sep 02

Excited to be Funded by the Institute for Precision Health’s Harvest Grant

The University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Precision Health (IPH) has awarded funding to researchers spanning multiple departments at the University, as well as to colleagues at partner schools. IPH awarded proposals with two types of funding: seed grants, which provide funding for high-risk, high-reward research ideas, and harvest grants, which help researchers expand on established projects or pursue new projects.

We are excited to build on Geoffrey Siwo’s existing grant to use A.I. algorithms for rapid design of biomimetic nanoparticles to combat the rise and spread of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

You can read more about IPH’s awards this year at https://precisionhealth.nd.edu/news-events/news/institute-for-precision-health-awards-research-funding-combating-health-disparities-substance-abuse/