Jun 17

Translational Science to Impact Public Health was our Goal at Techconnect 2023

We were excited to present our work titled, “Biomimetic, Antibiotic Free, Nanoparticles for Agent Agnostic Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Action including ESKAPE Pathogens” [Abstract 557] at the  2023 TechConnect World Innovation Conference in National Harbor, MD (June 19-21, 2023), as part of the Precision Health and Diagnostics symposium.

Our talk was well received. We got lots of useful pointers on commercialization pathways and IND filing at the FDA.

I am also excited to have chaired this session on #precisionhealth at #techconnect2023 and have Roy Stillwell, co-founder of #NotreDame#startup Nearwave, be the keynote speaker about their revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic instrument. @ND_IPH @UNDResearch