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Sep 16

Nallathamby Lab Presents Phage-Mimicking Antibacterial Nanoparticle Results at Military Health Sciences Research Symposium 2022 in Orlando, Florida (Sept 12-15, 2022)

We are losing in an antibiotic arms race with bacteria due to the emergence and global spread of new antibiotic resistance mechanisms.1,2 At current rates of antibiotics discovery and development we will eventually lose to antibiotic-resistant strains, and by 2050, antibiotics resistant strains of bacteria will kill more patients per year than all cancers combined. …

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Jul 07

CTSI-Think Tank Seed Funds our Efforts to facilitate CAR-T Therapy to Treat Solid Tumors.

Breast Cancer is the most widespread cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the U.S.A. As a treatment option, gene-modified T cells are under active therapeutic consideration for both hematological and solid malignancies.  As of 2016, there are 17 active TCR and 103 ongoing CAR-modified T cell studies registered through …

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May 14

Nallathamby Lab Presents Novel Antibacterial and Novel Chemotherapeutics Work at MRS 2022 Spring Meeting (May 8-13, 2022| Honolulu, Hawai’i)

Our research looks at the basic mechanism of drug resistance in bacteria or cancer cells and then we work on translational solutions to combat these problems. Our approach felt validated at this meeting where we networked with industry end-users as well as disease-on-a chip modeling academicians.

Jan 09

Nallathamby Lab at the Society for Biomaterials/ Japanese Society for Biomaterials (Jan 8-10, 2022) Hawaii

Virtually presented our lab’s research on tackling two pressing problems in biomedical research at the Society for Biomaterials/ Japanese Society for Biomaterials joint Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.  (January 8-10, 2022). I am presenting our research on broad-spectrum antibiotic-free antibacterials to combat multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Oral Presentation Session:  Session 1: Bioglasses/Ceramics/Other Hard Materials2:37 – 2:52 …

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Sep 02

Excited to be Funded by the Institute for Precision Health’s Harvest Grant

The University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Precision Health (IPH) has awarded funding to researchers spanning multiple departments at the University, as well as to colleagues at partner schools. IPH awarded proposals with two types of funding: seed grants, which provide funding for high-risk, high-reward research ideas, and harvest grants, which help researchers expand on established projects or pursue …

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Jun 20

ACS-Institutional Research Grant -Phase II Grant Funded to Mitigate Cardiotoxicity of Chemotherapeutics using our Nanocarriers

Excited that our phase-II proposal to the American Cancer Society’s Institutional Research Grant (ACS-IRG) program was funded. This was upon successful phase I completion of our proposal for a novel magnetically driven drug nanocarrier. We propose to use these drug nanocarriers to mitigate cardiotoxicity in the new study. The data generated by the study funded …

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Sep 26


This September, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids’ cancer! Only 4% of the billions of dollars the government spends annually on cancer research is directed towards treating childhood cancer. Right now, cancer is the biggest killer of children from disease in the United States. Over 15,700 children are diagnosed …

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Nov 08

Fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria by skipping anitbiotics

Phage-mimicking antibacterial core–shell nanoparticles. Excited to have started publishing and filing for a patent on our antibiotic-free antimicrobial nanoparticles research. More to come in the following months! Thankful for the support from #notredame #ideacenter #antibioticresistance #ndnano #Advanceddiagnosticsandtherapeutics #ADandT #openaccess The increasing frequency of nosocomial infections caused by antibiotic-resistant microorganisms concurrent with the stagnant discovery of …

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Aug 12

Real Men Wear Pink of Michiana

Here is my fundraising profile for the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. Introducing Real Men Wear Pink Candidate: Dr. Prakash Nallathamby from Harper Cancer Research Institute at Notre… Posted by Real Men Wear Pink of Michiana on Friday, August 9, 2019