Information for Indiana Reddit Volunteers

Hello Everyone!

Here is some additional information about what you can expect if you are selected as one of the participants for this study as well as the link to the google form:

The Study has been completed! Thank you for participating.

You will receive an email from email address, which will confirm your continued interest in participating. Please make sure to respond and confirm your participation to proceed.

Next, a dust collection kit will be sent to you via mail. This kit will assist you in properly bagging the dust samples and placing them in the provided prepaid return envelope. Detailed instructions will be included in the kit, and you can also find a video guide on a dedicated page of our website. Once you have collected the samples, you can conveniently send the envelope back through any USPS store.

Finally, all that is left to do is to check your email for your individual results and to check back at this website for state-wide averages!

Important note about your personal data: The collected personal data will never be shared with anyone outside of this project nor used for any other purposes. It is used to collect dust as well as to create an aggregate map of elemental averages and shown as zip codes or townships.

Looking for the picture instructions to use the kit? Click the button below!

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