Evaluating Textiles Found in Uniforms and Various Consumer Products for PFAS

Another route of potential exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is through their use in a variety of textiles. The kinds of PFAS used in textiles include both polymeric and non-polymeric sources. Traditional methods involve liquid extraction of PFAS for targeted LC-MS/MS analysis of a small number (~50) of non-polymeric PFAS compounds. Screening for PFAS in textiles can be completed using PIGE to measure both polymeric and non-polymeric compounds, including those not routinely measured using targeted analysis techniques. The combination of rapid total-fluorine screening with validation through targeted analysis techniques allows us to measure for PFAS in a variety of samples.

To support the measurement of PFAS in textiles we utilize textile-specific calibration methods developed by undergraduate Megan Green. Measurement of PFAS in a variety of textiles including uniforms, firefighter gear, outdoor gear, as well as a variety of other consumer products. These projects are ongoing and include collaborations with researchers at the University of Toronto, Indiana University, and Green Science Policy Institute.


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