Sean M.

Sean M. joined the Peaslee group in the middle of 2017–arriving in time for the unique opportunity of setting up the 9S particle accelerator. By the end of Summer 2017, Sean decided to pursue isotope production. Even so, he remained heavily involved in environmental screening using particle induced gamma emissions (PIGE). In the lab, Sean was known for working with every undergraduate who asked. He would train and oversee them running the equipment, providing advice on design/analysis for their individual projects. Out of the lab, Sean competed on the university team for ultimate frisbee.

He aims to work closely with policy makers who have large jurisdiction over civilian uses of radioactivity. From his time with the Peaslee lab, he enjoyed interactions with the fire chief and others while explaining the process and results of the PFAS work (see Fire Fighter Gear PFAS Analysis).

Graduated Spring 2021