Back from Sabbatical

[January 10th, 2020] Alas, all good things must come to an end and my sabbatical is officially wrapped up as of this Friday with the start of the spring semester this coming week.  This spring, I will be teaching the second iteration of my course on Advanced Wireless Networks and will officially be back on campus full-time at my office in 211B Cushing Hall.

A few highlights looking ahead to things in the Spring semester:

  • Our NSF Future of Work project has kicked off in earnest exploring how teamwork and effective teams can be measured leveraging our instrumentation stack from Tesserae.
  • We start Phase 2 for Tesserae now with a focus on life events, anomaly detection, and improvements to the core metrics for Phase 1.  Great dataset if anyone is interested in collaborating.
  • We are revamping our Fast Mobile Networking Characterization code to move away from the monolithic code from ScaleBox onto a newer, leaner platform leveraging QUIC and various modularization. We will also be incorporating our work on PASS as well.
  • We are also starting some nascent efforts with wearables looking at sports performance which should be very cool.