History of Evolutionary Thought Matching Game

Going through all the important figures who intellectually contributed to Darwin’s development of evolutionary theory is topic that can get really dry in the classroom. As a way to make it a little more fun, I decided to put this lesson into a matching game format. The file below has the historical person’s name, a brief description of their contribution, and a picture. I have my students match names to contributions first, and if I am feeling feisty (which I often am), I challenge them to match the correct picture to the name and contribution. As we go through each answer, I provide more information and greater context for each person, hopefully building the narrative of the different influences on Darwin’s thinking.

The same rules follow; however, I have created a version (pdf, email me for ppt) that can be used in google slides. Students can be broken up into online breakout rooms and move the appropriate descriptions under the picture of the correct person. This should take no more than ~10min, and then you can bring the class out of breakout rooms to go over answers together.

History of Ev Thinking Matching Game

History of Ev Thinking Matching Game – ONLINE FRIENDLY

Also, here is the google slides link