About Me

October 6, 2023; Cara Ocobock (Photo by Mary Kate McGuirk/University of Notre Dame)

I am a human biologist who explores the physiological and behavioral mechanisms necessary to cope with and adapt to extreme climates and high levels of physical activity. My work has taken me from the Rocky Mountains to the Arctic Circle where I have worked with outdoor enthusiasts, runners taking part in a cross-country foot race, and reindeer herders in Finland.  I am a former powerlifter who loves bringing anthropology to sport and sport to anthropology. I have also organized and participated in numerous science outreach efforts including the Human Biology Association Podcast, the Sausage of Science.

: cocobock@nd.edu
Twitter: @caraocobock
Phone: 574-631-7738
Office: 256 Corbett Family Hall  |  Notre Dame, IN 46556