Early & Late Archaic H. Sapiens and early modern H. Sapiens

This is similar to the activity above, but of course has the content for different varieties of H. sapiens. There is the map to demonstrate the major fossil finds and distributions as well as the chart to keep track of general anatomical and cultural trends. I have included the blank version to give to students and the filled in version to help out. I have additional materials on Neanderthal culture, early modern human culture, and human dispersal models (replacement, multiregionalism, and assimilation). If you would like those, please email me directly. I will also be leading a class discussion on the recent (and highly problematic see here, here, and here) paper that suggests the earliest modern humans originated from Botswana.

Early & Late Archaic and early modern H. sapiens map & trends – FILLED IN

Early, Late Archaic, and early modern H. sapiens map & trends


This can be done much the same way online as in person. Here is a link to the powerpoint fossil guide. You can either have students work through it collaboratively in groups through Google Slides or have them follow along with you as you fill it in.