Basic Biology Beer Pong

Over the years, I have found that most of my students have already covered the majority of the basic biology needed in an introductory biological anthropology course. I have also found that most students find typical reviews of this material terribly boring. As such, I decided to turn a basic biology review into a “beer” pong style of game, inspired by what Sue Sheridan does in her Osteology course.. Where instead of beer in the cups, there is candy and a basic biology question to be answered. If someone throws the ping pong ball in the cup, the opposing team has to answer a question…and also gets candy. Below is a link to the questions I used – all it takes is some time to cut up the questions to distribute to the cups. I think this was successful, but I would like to work on the rules so the game doesn’t favor those with better aim.

Bio-Beer Pong Questions and Answers 2019


This has all the same questions, but it is put in Jeopardy Format using a Power Point. You can break students into groups and share you screen of this slide show to make the basic biology review more fun. In this file, the answer to each question pops up with a click, you can then click on each answer to link it back to the answer board. The title of the center column in Round 1 links to Round 2, and the title of the center column in Round 2 links to Final Jeopardy. I have included a link to the Google Slides file here, but happy to send along a ppt if you contact me.

Google Slides Basic Biology Jeopardy