Fossil Primate Guide

I put together a fossil primate guide to help students work through the where, when, who, what they looked like, and how they fit in with primate evolution. This guide could be done as group work, or you can work through it with them with ppt or a doc came. For each page, I started with a description of the environment where these primates (or proto-primate) were found. Then I worked through each one on the page and started with marking on the map where they were found and their known distribution. I then went into the different features for each of those primates. At the bottom of each page is a “What Comes Next” which I use to discuss how these primates fit within primate evolution and the different hypotheses that have been generated to explain why primate came about or which primates may have lead to certain modern primate groups. Below is the blank guide for students to fill out, and a filled out version that I used. The only thing missing are the locations on each map, I hand drew those in after printing it out.

Blank Fossil Guide for Students

Filled in Fossil Guide


This can be done much the same way online as in person. Here is a link to the powerpoint fossil guide. You can either have students work through it collaboratively in groups through Google Slides or have them follow along with you as you fill it in.