Bingo Chip or Sticky Note Evolution

This is a fantastic activity designed by Lee et al. (2011) that lets students work through the different evolutionary forces using different colored sticky notes as their population undergoing evolution. Jeff Peterson told me about this activity, and I am eternally grateful. I modified the handout slightly, and I have linked below to the original articles and my own handout. I think this worked very well. In the future, I would warn students about keeping their sticky notes too organized, which would eliminate some of the randomness that should be demonstrated. I also created a version of this with bingo chips as it is a less wasteful option. You could use beads. I got my bingo chips here, and you would need 3 sets each of 4 different colors.

Ocobock Bingo Chip Evolution Handout

Ocobock Sticky Note Evolution Handout



Sticky Note Game
Excellent example of Sticky Note Evolution in action – closest group realized random sticky note placement was more realistic. Group to the back right chose a more organized and less random distribution and learned this impacted their results.


For this, you can still follow all of the instructions for the Bingo Chip Evolution activity. However, you can put your students in Zoom Breakout rooms, and have them do it with Google slides. I made the first two slides for this, and you can access it here. After the first two slides, it will all depend on each group of students for how this will look. They will need to copy and paste the circles (bingo chips), and I instructed them after the end of the second slide that it would be easiest to copy and paste each slide afterwards to continue the activity – EACH GENERATION SHOULD GET ITS OWN SLIDE!

I actually kind of like this variation because students will be able to scroll up and down to see how drastically things changed.