The First Step

Building on the energy of the #DevOpsND workshop, the first target of opportunity identified by the attendees on Day Two is enterprise backup.  Of all the cloud candidates discussed, transitioning from on-premises backup to Amazon Glacier represents the greatest financial opportunity with the least effort in the shortest period of time.

On Day One of the workshop, Shane Creech came up with the idea of piloting backing up our remote campus locations using the newest of Amazon’s backup offerings.  The latest addition to Amazon’s Storage Gateway product is the Virtual Tape Library.  Available as an iSCSI interface, the Virtual Tape Library is capable using S3 or Glacier as a destination.

Part of Day Two’s work saw John Pozivilko, Shane Creech, and Jaime Preciado-Beas work together to successfully pilot the Storage Gateway.  The next step is to work with Mike Anderson and the storage group to test with our existing enterprise backups software.