The Complex View towards the US

During the first half of my time in Russia, I have be confronted with the fact that I come from the United States. I am happy to say that all the accounts have been wonderful and I have come to learn from different people and perspectives, theirs views about the United States. To briefly summarize, the view in one that is complicated and almost conflicted at times.

One of the views that is expressed is a theme of either wanting to visit the United States and/or even living there. This view stems from the perception that the American economy and way of life provides for more opportunities and chances for success than can be found in Russia. Although, I am unable to give a complete and accurate report of what working in Russia is like, I find it interesting the United States is favored in such a view that many hope to visit and even work there for a period of time. Though, others have expressed the caveat that they would eventually like to move back to Russia and use it to help improve their life at home, in Russia. However, this view does stand in contrast to another view that is perceived.

This second view is one of curiosity about the United States. Many people like to ask questions to Americans about different things regarding the United States. Some are as simple as asking the favorite food and drink of President Trump. Other questions are more complicated and deal with more complex and political issues. However, this has never ended with a distrust or contempt for me as an American and has led to me feeling very comfortable being here.

Overall, I, as an American in Russia, have been enjoying my visit and have been experiencing wonderful hospitality from people I meet and even have experienced first hand different social norms that exist in Russian culture, especially among my peer group.