One More Week

This post is a little late, but my laptop charger decided to stop working, so I have had a hard time finding access to a computer. Last weekend a bunch of the other Notre Dame students and I went to the Cinque Terre. It was beautiful! While I have really been enjoying all the museums and churches, it was nice to have a weekend of hiking and relaxing on the beach. The picture bellow was taken as we were hiking between Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza at around 2 pm. It was extremely hot, so as soon as we reached Vernazza we went straight into the ocean for a swim.

In terms of language progress the last week has been great. We transitioned to speaking mostly Italian in my culture class. Being able to spend the whole day speaking Italian instead of having to transition back to English has really helped. Over the past few days we took two field trips to Florence, visiting the Accademia and the Uffizi, but it was too crowded to get any good pictures. We have now moved on to more modern history. From the end of last week and all through this week we are discussing fascism. On Friday we watched the movie “Una Giornata Particolare.” Granted there were subtitles in Italian, but it was still really cool to be able to understand all the dialoge.

Because it was my last weekend, I decided to stay here in Siena. It was the first non-Palio weekend that I have spent here, and it is amzing how at home i felt. I am really going to miss living in Siena and the Senese people. Anyway, I am going to keep this short today because I don’t have much time on the school computers. A Dopo!