Evolutionary Forces Infographic – adopted from Leslie Williams
Goal: explain 1 or more of the evolutionary forces using an infographic
Skills Developed: understanding evolutionary forces, narrative building, clearly identifying an audience and goal for your work, visual story telling, concise writing, infographic software (Piktochart)

Evolutionary Forces Infographic Assignment 2019

Evolutionary Forces Infographic Assignment Fall 2021 Version

Samples of my students’ work:

1) Katherine Franz & Leah Gudex

2) Alyssa McGrath & Jemma Yeadon

3) Nick Iovino and Lucie Moore

4) Cailey Brogan & Will Connolly Infographic

5) Isabel Weber & Hannah Morris

6) Jackie Kirsch & Paul Wilkinson

7) Greg Connors & Dan Rahill

8) Ellen Pil and Alexis Waldschmidt

9) Elizabeth Gardner

10) Gabriela Kim & Jordan Brown

11) Pierdinock, Moss, & Miramontes

Blood, Guts, & Glory: The Anthropology of Sports

I have my students do a similar assignment in my Anthropology of Sports class. Here is the actual assignment.

Here are some examples of student work (shared with their permission)

  1. Christian DiCesare
  2. Karly Brown & Jane Musema
  3. Jessica O’Neill
  4. Liana Aceri