Business or pleasure: Are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

By: Jack Pelzer

Photos courtesy of Matthew Yohe and Hamilton83 via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to a new segment we are calling Business or Pleasure? This will be a one-stop-shop for blog posts that don’t focus on internships, corporate recruitment, or really anything of substance. We just finished final exams here at Mendoza, so this seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling with a little personality quiz.

Specifically, are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

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Is Brand Management Right for You?

By: Stacy Srivastava

Pictured above: where my mom thinks I worked all summer. Photo courtesy Stacy Srivastava.

This summer, I interned at Procter & Gamble in a brand management role with Gillette. You may be wondering if a brand management internship is right for you. Here are six questions you should consider.

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How ILD Prepared Me for Business School

By: Terrell Hunt

As a new MBA candidate at Mendoza, I spent my first few days on campus undertaking Integral Leadership Development, or ILD. While I had been through some professional self-examination before, ILD, which is rigorous and quantitatively based, was more profound than anything I had ever experienced. The multi-day exercises were challenging, emotional, and surprisingly fun. Looking back, the program helped prepare me for the rigors of business school in more ways than one:

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Networking events are both awkward and wonderful

By: Jack Pelzer

Photo courtesy of EU2016 SK via Wikimedia Commons

Recruiting season is heating up, which means you will probably soon be attending an abundance of corporate networking events. On paper, these functions can seem flat out terrifying—full of interactions with strangers, and name tags, and whatever they call those leather cases that hold resumes—yet, no one can doubt that the networking event is a powerful tool for building the types of relationships that lead to jobs. In light of this fact, the Irish Echoes has compiled a few tips to help you navigate the meet-and-greet gauntlet.

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The Incoming MBA Career Search

By: T.J. Connors

Many incoming MBA students have an extremely focused approach to their career search. They know what industry they want to work in, they know what companies they want to pursue and they can hit the ground running in terms of resume, networking, and interview prep.

However, if you’re like a lot of incoming MBAs (and me), you may be struggling even trying to focus your career search into a single function or concentration. This is totally expected and normal but it does put individuals who have yet to find their direction at a bit of a disadvantage. Time that would normally be spent preparing to capitalize on opportunities is allocated towards exploration of opportunities. The faster students can figure out where they want to go the more time they can spend making sure they get there.

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