Business or pleasure: Are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

By: Jack Pelzer

Photos courtesy of Matthew Yohe and Hamilton83 via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to a new segment we are calling Business or Pleasure? This will be a one-stop-shop for blog posts that don’t focus on internships, corporate recruitment, or really anything of substance. We just finished final exams here at Mendoza, so this seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling with a little personality quiz.

Specifically, are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

If you are reading this, it likely means that you are in business school, looking to attend business school, or spend your free time reading random business school blogs. For those in the final group, we sincerely hope things get better.

In any case, you are probably familiar with Steve Jobs and Jack Welch; the Paul Bunyan and Zeus of capitalism. You are going to spend a great deal of time studying their exploits while pursuing an MBA, but which one are you? Answer these questions to find out!

1. What is currently covering your neck?

A. Necktie

B. The uppermost portion of a black turtleneck

C. Starched, detachable collar

2. What is your greatest skill?

A. Leadership

B. Marketing

C. Sending in the Pinkertons to break up factory strikes

3. What is your favorite food?

A. Mid-size aeronautics firms

B. Fruit

C. Kidney pie and root vegetables

4. When you see a new piece of technology, do you imagine it encased in brushed aluminum?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Prefer creations wrought of iron and propelled by steam

5. Do you regularly disinvite the least productive 10% of your family from Thanksgiving dinner?

A. Yes

B. Do not acknowledge their existence

C. Thanksgiving? That newfangled federalist boondoggle!

6. Who would play you in a movie?

A. Robert Duvall

B. Michael Fassbender

C. God never intended for moving portraits

7. How would you describe your philosophy?

A. Light-form Social Darwinism

B. Moderate-form Social Darwinism

C. Unabashed Social Darwinism

8. Were you the Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Passed away in 1911


Add up the number of A’s, B’s and C’s you selected.

If you had the most A’s…

Congratulations! You are visionary GE CEO Jack Welch. Jack Welches are strong leaders with keen eyes for valuable acquisitions. Your astrological sign in Scorpio.

If you had the most B’s:

Congratulations! You are Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs are fascinated by the intersection of technology and design. Your astrological sign is Pisces.

If you had the most C’s:

Congratulations! You are a 19th century industrialist.


About Jack

Jack is the editor-in-chief of the MBA Irish Echoes.