The Incoming MBA Career Search

By: T.J. Connors

Many incoming MBA students have an extremely focused approach to their career search. They know what industry they want to work in, they know what companies they want to pursue and they can hit the ground running in terms of resume, networking, and interview prep.

However, if you’re like a lot of incoming MBAs (and me), you may be struggling even trying to focus your career search into a single function or concentration. This is totally expected and normal but it does put individuals who have yet to find their direction at a bit of a disadvantage. Time that would normally be spent preparing to capitalize on opportunities is allocated towards exploration of opportunities. The faster students can figure out where they want to go the more time they can spend making sure they get there.

So here is a quick list of tactics that will be helpful in drilling down on MBA career paths: Continue reading “The Incoming MBA Career Search”

Welcome back! How was your internship?

By: Jack Pelzer

Photo courtesy of Irangilaneh via Wikimedia Commons

It’s that time of the year again— the sweet spot in mid-August during which every television commercial features a troupe of fashionable grade schoolers doing choreographed dances to show off their new Old Navy jeans. It’s back to school!

First year Mendoza MBAs are already on campus for orientation and leadership workshops. I trust that they will be the best of friends by the time our grizzled second-years return at the end of the month. Speaking of our second-years, how was your summer?

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How not to get an internship at Google

By: Nitesh Srivastava

This photo was taken either during the first week of my internship, or shortly before security arrived to escort me off the premises. (Photo courtesy Nitesh Srivastava)

My colleagues here at MBA IRISH ECHOES asked me to write about the famed Google interview process, given that I interned with Google Fiber during my time in the Notre Dame MBA program. Here is my story. Full disclosure: I may or may not have embellished some of the details.

I never liked using Google or other online search engines. I always preferred instead to shout my questions at passersby on the street, or (as is high fashion nowadays) to make up my own facts. However, when I received an email in February 2016 that Google wanted to interview me for a marketing internship with Google Fiber, I figured that visiting might be a prudent first step in preparing for the interview. I regained consciousness some days later with dozens of tabs open in my browser, my keyboard imprinted on the side of my face, and my phone informing me that my interview began in five minutes.  Continue reading “How not to get an internship at Google”