¡Hola de Santiago!

By: Jack Pelzer

You probably don’t need an MBA to realize that business is an increasingly international affair. Now more than ever, it is crucial to gain exposure to commerce outside the comfy confines of the United States. At Mendoza, second year students have the opportunity spend eight weeks studying international business, or more specifically the Latin American variety, directly at the source.


About a month ago, twenty-one students, three significant others, and one baby arrived in Santiago, Chile. Since then we have studied economics with a sitting member of the Chilean Central Bank. Delved into case studies that explore the unique challenges presented by developing economies. Hiked 14.5 miles through Patagonia, climbed volcanoes and unfortunately watched the Fighting Irish get shellacked from inside a Buenos Aires dance club. We have attempted to speak Spanish (some more successfully than others), sampled more than a few red wine varietals, and immersed ourselves in a truly remarkable culture.

We are now at the halfway point of our time in Santiago. Whether you are in South Bend or South America, the academic mods just seem to fly by. Our group now finds itself consumed with writing midterm papers and organizing Thanksgiving below the equator. Soon enough, we will be back in Indiana though to finish the final semester of business school. Many of us will go our separate ways after that. Nevertheless, we always be able to look back fondly at the time we spent learning, exploring and playing that ridiculous card game in Chile.

About Jack

Jack is the editor-in-chief of the MBA Irish Echoes.