The Comeback

By: Terrence Malloy

I grew up a Notre Dame fan, the son and grandson of a family of subway alumni who threw a party the day my undergraduate acceptance letter arrived in the mail. We were all grateful. The Notre Dame Family’s generosity enabled me to come here the first time after a great deal of hard work, gracious mentorship, and good fortune.

After I graduated, I didn’t visit campus for about seven years. My first trip back for a home game reminded me how beautiful this place is, and how closely its essence aligned with the type of person I aspire to be. Continue reading “The Comeback”

The First Ever ND MBA Technology Innovation Challenge!

By: Vinod Krishnadas

The ND MBA Technology Club was borne out of student interest and passion in technology, and today is one of the fastest growing and most popular clubs on campus! The mission of the Club is to make Mendoza the top MBA program for students with a passion for technology. With this mission in mind, the Club is proud to present the first ever ND MBA Technology Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Thomson Reuters. The theme of the competition is the innovative use of Blockchain technology to transform businesses, functions and industries. Teams from across the country will come up with innovative product and  go-to-market strategies for implementing this exciting technology and go head-to-head competing for $10,000 in prize money. Continue reading “The First Ever ND MBA Technology Innovation Challenge!”