Hiking in Rio!

I thought I had already seen some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer when I visited my family in the Dominican Republic … that was until I went hiking in Rio de Janeiro.

One Saturday morning, two friends and I had decided to wake up early in the morning after a night of partying until 4am (when in Rio, you party like the Cariocas). We gathered at the metro station where we uber’d to Pedra do Tel├ęgrafo. Surely we were insane for wanting to hike up a trail that was an hour away from Copacabana at 9am while running on only 4 hours of sleep but, as a wise man once said, YOLO.

Once we arrived, we began our trek. Five minutes into our hike, my body reminded me that it had been months since I had exercised and to make matters worse, I hadn’t fed my body anything that morning. Moreover, I powered through and 45 minutes later, we reached the top of the pedra.

Once at the top of the mountain, I simply stood in silence, taking in everything before me. The exhaustion I felt, the cramps I endured, and the heat that made everything feel twice as horrible, was suddenly undone as I stared at what awaited at the top. In that moment, I felt complete serenity and purity. The ocean was calm, inviting its guests to enter it; the waves that were once angry and aggressive, laid still as visitors took pictures; the sky pushed its clouds away in order to allow the sun to shine its maximum. This was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever laid my eyes on.