Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Elizabeth Wood, Director of the Master of Science in Global Health, Eck Institute for Global Health

For Henry Kamugisha, a 2nd year in the Global Health Program

I am writing to wholeheartedly show appreciation toward a graduate student within the Master of Science in Global Health program, Henry Kamugisha. As an international student (from Uganda) at our institution, Henry has not only exemplified the highest standards of academic excellence but has also consistently embodied the values and mission of Notre Dame toward the global good.

Henry has demonstrated exceptional reliability and trustworthiness in all of his responsibilities in and outside the classroom. His commitment to academic excellence is evident in his outstanding coursework performance, research contributions, and dedication to the advancement of knowledge. Beyond academics, Henry consistently makes himself available should I request he meet with a prospective student visiting campus. His dependability is truly commendable.

As an international student, Henry has actively contributed to the rich cultural diversity of our institution. He has not only embraced the values of inclusivity and social justice but has also actively promoted these values through his involvement in various multicultural and humanitarian initiatives on campus. For example, he currently serves as an Assistant Rector in one of the dorms on campus where he can assist fellow Notre Dame students. Henry is a reflection of the Catholic Social Teachings and continues to inspire other students.

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Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Anna Briamonte, a Junior in Computer Science & Engineering

For William Theisen, a 6th year in Computer Science & Engineering

He’s so awesome. One of my favorite professors. Super available to us. Good lecturer. Great at explaining stuff. Very understanding. Very funny. Rate 14/10

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Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor of Digital Scholarship & English

For Lizao Wang, a 4th year in the History & Philosophy of Science Program

For her tireless application and boundless energy!

ND grad students are brilliant! They liven up our worlds with their research, pedagogy, care, community engagement, and general enthusiasm. We owe them a huge gratitude!

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Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Christina Elfar, Events Specialist at The Graduate School

For Shayanta Chowdhury, Akshaya Chemmangat, Adedayo Jigida, and Aruna Chandran, Grad Orientation Team Members

These beautiful souls were so inviting and amazing during our time spent planning Grad Orientation. They were AMAZING at pivoting when one or more of them had conflicts and they worked together like an absolute dream! The time, dedication, and creativeness they brought to the event was amazing and continues to inspire me in my role daily.

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Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Erik Oswald, Professional Master’s Consultant for Graduate Career Services

For Ariel Thelander, a 3rd year in the Biochemistry Department

Ariel is our amazing Graduate Student Consultant, providing timely and effective support on resumes and other application document reviews. We really appreciate Ariel’s efforts, and the students receive such great feedback on their materials. Thank you, Ariel!

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Notes of Grad-itude!

A message from Katie Pelster, Coordinator of Basilica Tours & Hospitality for Campus Ministry

For Anthony Pelster, a 4th year in the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Department

Thank you for your hard work that promotes the research of the university. You are making a difference just by participating in the historic mission of Notre Dame to be a research university. Your work on campus encourages everyone around you to work harder and be better people because you are demonstrating that there is always more to learn about life.

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Summer Spotlight: Hannah Spero

3rd Year Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Earth Sciences PhD

Summer plans: This summer I will be traveling to Western Ireland with my co-advisor, Dr. Andrew Kennedy. Alongside our Irish collaborators, we will be co-teaching a summer field school on storms and coastal boulder transport and deposition at Kylemore and on the Aran Islands. Then, I will be conducting fieldwork on the island where we have an ongoing coastal boulder experiment! For the rest of the summer, I will be analyzing data and working to understand how the large winter storms from the Atlantic Ocean changed the shoreline morphology (what it looks like, what it is made of, and much more)!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? On a research-related note, I am most looking forward to combining my passions for research and teaching this summer while on this Ireland research trip! I am excited to use this summer to dive deeper into my research and also to share how my research “rocks” at outreach events and conferences. In my free time this summer, I am looking forward to camping, kayaking, and exploring all of Indiana’s state parks!

You can learn more about Hannah’s research on her Academic Twitter account: @sperogeology

Summer Spotlight: Anirban Chowdhury

2nd Year Electrical Engineering PhD

Summer plans: This summer, I will be focusing on my research project. At present, I am working in Prof. Sinder’s group with the aim to fabricate an AlN resonator device and then measure the device characteristics. I will also try to work on the fabrication of an ACL (Adiabatic Capacitive Logic) device and I am expecting that this summer I can do a good amount of work for my upcoming research project.

Summer Spotlight: Taylor Thomas

2nd Year Creative Writing MFA

Summer plans: I will be working for OIT and Grad Student Life for the summer. I will also be attending Convivio Conference in Italy, attending the Kenyon Review’s Writers Workshop in Gambier, Ohio, and resting, relaxing, and finishing the first draft of my thesis.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I am most looking forward to reading literature for myself. Graduate school requires a ton of reading – but not usually for enjoyment. Reading for me and not an assignment will help me de-stress. Eating amazing food and drinking amazing wine in Italy is a very close second to what I am most looking forward to!