Focus.  It is such a remarkably productive state.  We have all experienced it as individuals, the Zen moments of super-productivity when you are completely, 100% focused on accomplishing a given task.  Societally, we recognize the perils of focus dilution as texting while driving becomes increasingly legislated.

After last week’s workshop, we have seen a groundswell of excitement and activity around both Amazon as an IaaS provider and DevOps as a way of operating.  The surest path to organizational success is to focus on delivering the greatest value to Notre Dame.  As identified in this blog post, the greatest target of opportunity has to do with understanding the potential of the Storage Gateway.  To realize that benefit, we need to focus.

Focus on understanding the capabilities.

Focus on understanding the frequency.

Focus on understanding restoration urgency.

Focus on understanding the cost.

Focus, focus, focus.

Appropriately enough, Ford’s entry into the World Touring Car Championship is a Focus.  Take some time out of your evening and watch this clip, then reflect and comment on how focus applies.

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Follow two easy steps to enable AWS multifactor authentication,

    1. Get an authentication device. You have two options:
    A. Purchase an authentication device (Keyfob) that is compatible with AWS MFA from Gemalto, a third party provider, using their website, details here.
    B. Install an AWS MFA compatible application on a device such as your smartphone. See here for a list of applications compatible with different smartphone types.
    Once you have the authentication device you must activate it. You active an AWS MFA device for your AWS account or your IAM users in the IAM Console. You can also use the IAM CLI to activate it for an IAM user.