This morning was the first meeting of the minds to work through how we establish governance in light of our growing use of Amazon.  This morning, Brandon lead a healthy dialogue with Bob Winding, Bob Richman, Derek Owens, Eric Schubert, Jaime Preciado-Beas, Shane Creech, Mike Anderson, Chris Fruehwirth, Milind Saraph, John Pozivilko, Christopher Frederick covering topics including:

  • Managing Infrastructure – how will we manage Virtual Private Clouds
  • Security Groups – how they will be set up, who will define the policy, and who will perform the implementation work
  • Account Management – How we will construct policy and process for roles in Amazon, multi-factor authentication
  • Key Management – How we will construct policy and process around key management
  • Multitenancy – How we will approach mapping applications to virtual machines
  • Version Control – As we migrate towards software-defined everything, where will we centralize the version control of configuration and code items

Working groups formed and will start working on addressing these issues, and the group will be meeting on a bi-weekly basis as we work to acquire knowledge and operational fluency.

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