Why Differing Perspectives are Good

Yesterday afternoon, we were pushing to get a Ruby on Rails app deployed into AWS.  One firewall rule away, the developer put in a change request that he thought would get there and stepped out for a quick break.  Since we’re all sitting in the same room, some might think it overkill.

Cloud Central

We have an information security professional embedded in our Cloud First team who has final authority over security-related decisions.  Reviewing the request, he didn’t feel comfortable with the nature of the change.

When the developer returned, he and our InfoSec person discussed the nature of the change request.  It turns out what was being requested was valid, but the there was a slight error in how it was written up.

Problem solved, firewall rule processed, and boom – our app was in business.

Having a team with broad perspectives is not only desirable, it is absolutely necessary for success.  And that is exactly the type of consideration that went into drawing members for our #NDCloudFirst mission:


Augmented Team


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