Life as a dual-degree student in the Notre Dame MBA program

By: Garrett Duffy

A day in the life of a Notre Dame dual-degree student. (Photo courtesy Garrett Duffy)

The dual engineering/MBA program at Notre Dame, in which students like me receive an engineering bachelor’s degree and MBA together in five years, offers a host of unique opportunities to engineers who want to combine their technical knowledge with business and leadership skills. The program has also connected me with close friends and exciting career opportunities. It hasn’t always been easy, but I find now that I feel more business-savvy, creative, and well-rounded as I head into the working world.

This dual-degree program gives you an opportunity to reach outside your comfort zone. Coming from an engineering background, I tended to look at problems in a systematic, black-and-white kind of way, in which a right answer always existed. In my MBA classes, though, the problems were usually far messier. To solve these problems, I needed to make assumptions and to defend them. I had to think in a way that was both creative and practical. Changing the way that I approach problems was difficult and uncomfortable at first, but overall it has been very beneficial.  Continue reading “Life as a dual-degree student in the Notre Dame MBA program”

Making Notre Dame *the* vet-friendly business school in America

By: Mark Faldowski

The 2016-17 Notre Dame MBA Vet’s Club. (Photo courtesy Mark Faldowski)

When I was elected as president of the Notre Dame MBA Vet’s Club in December 2015, I had one vision: To make Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business the veteran-friendly business school in America.

With the hard work of my fellow veterans, buy-in from the Notre Dame administration, and the support of generous donors, we have created the best environment for veterans who choose to separate from the military. Each Notre Dame MBA class is made up of about 17 percent veterans, the highest percentage of any B-school in the U.S. Our efforts have raised $400,000 to endow the club, and our goal is for every veteran in the Notre Dame MBA program to attend the program for free.

We have taken a three-pronged approach as our strategy:  Continue reading “Making Notre Dame *the* vet-friendly business school in America”

Why choose the ND MBA?

By: Jayson Boswell

(Editor’s Note: The Round 3 admissions deadline is coming up! In honor of the occasion, enjoy this bonus post from MBA IRISH ECHOES, and be sure to check back over the next few days for more content.)

A group of Notre Dame MBAs take in an Irish basketball game at Purcell Pavilion. (Photo courtesy Jayson Boswell)

So which MBA program is the perfect fit for you? You’ve memorized program rankings and websites, but you’re looking for an X factor. Consider the following four reasons why the Notre Dame MBA program could be at the top of your list:

1. The student experience: The Notre Dame MBA program has small class sizes, so students’ experiences are very personalized. Before you know it, Thirsty Thursday transitions from a networking opportunity to recapping a week with old friends. The Notre Dame community is also very welcoming and great at making MBAs feel more like Notre Dame students than detached grad students.  Continue reading “Why choose the ND MBA?”

An ND MBA glossary, vol. 2

By: Nitesh Srivastava

The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. (Photo courtesy Nitesh Srivastava)

I recently put together a glossary of four common terms that people outside the Notre Dame MBA program may not know. Here are a few more words, phrases, and acronyms to round out the list: 

5. MBAA: The Notre Dame MBA Association, or MBAA for short, is the student government of the Notre Dame MBA program. Most students simply spell out the letters when they say this acronym aloud, although rumors exist of a rebranding that would see the term pronounced as a word, similarly to the title lyric in the 1997 Hanson hit MMMBop

6. Dual-degree student: A handful of undergraduates at Notre Dame are simultaneously obtaining their bachelor’s degrees in engineering and MBAs in a combined, five-year program. Obviously, these students are a bit younger than the average MBA student, so they don’t appreciate my 1990s pop culture references. Informal ways to describe these students include “five-year student,” but especially in a professional context, “dual-degree student” is preferred.  Continue reading “An ND MBA glossary, vol. 2”

An ND MBA’s thoughts on the flexibility of business school

By: Alex Prosperi

Alex and his classmates celebrate a successful end to Mod 2 with a Secret Santa gift exchange. (Photo courtesy Alex Prosperi)

Prior to coming back to academia, I worked at a communications agency. “Agency life” requires an always-on mentality where your client’s wishes – regardless of the task itself or timing – are priority. I’m grateful for the invaluable personal and professional lessons I gained working in PR, but there comes a time when you know you’re ready for the next adventure.

I took about four months off between work and school. And after spending a month backpacking and hanging out with kangaroos in Australia, I was eager to get started in the Notre Dame MBA program.

What I somewhat expected – but what I’m absolutely currently experiencing – is the level of freedom and opportunity that business school offers.  Continue reading “An ND MBA’s thoughts on the flexibility of business school”