¡Hola de Santiago!

By: Jack Pelzer

You probably don’t need an MBA to realize that business is an increasingly international affair. Now more than ever, it is crucial to gain exposure to commerce outside the comfy confines of the United States. At Mendoza, second year students have the opportunity spend eight weeks studying international business, or more specifically the Latin American variety, directly at the source.

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Help ND MBA students make a difference in Jamaica

By: T.J. Connors

During winter break this year three ND MBA’s have taken it upon themselves to give back to those in need. Jimi Hiltz, Zak Pedersen and Brock Reneer will be going on a mission to Jamaica to help the Mustard Seed Communities. The cause is a noble one, the Mustard Seed Communities were founded in 1978 as a home for “a handful of abandoned and disabled children…”. With the help of missionaries like our classmates their cause has grown and they now care for over 500 children and young adults with disabilities, who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, and teen mothers and their babies. It is their mission to “…make sure that no child is ever abandoned twice.” The mission group will care for children affected by HIV/AIDS and with your help will be able to provide improvements to the spaces in which they live, play and learn. Zak, Jimi and Brock need your help in raising the money that will go towards bringing these children the love and care that they so desperately need.

Click Here to Help The Kids.

Included is a link to Zak’s donation page that will go towards funding all of their trips.

Thanks to all of our Vets!

By: T.J. Connors

As you all know today is Veteran’s Day, so take this opportunity to thank your vet classmates and help them celebrate the day. We all know how much the vets bring to the Notre Dame MBA community but let’s make sure they know how much they mean to all of us today. Thank you for your service, and thank you for being such incredible classmates.

Business or pleasure: Are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

By: Jack Pelzer

Photos courtesy of Matthew Yohe and Hamilton83 via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to a new segment we are calling Business or Pleasure? This will be a one-stop-shop for blog posts that don’t focus on internships, corporate recruitment, or really anything of substance. We just finished final exams here at Mendoza, so this seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling with a little personality quiz.

Specifically, are you a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

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How ILD Prepared Me for Business School

By: Terrell Hunt

As a new MBA candidate at Mendoza, I spent my first few days on campus undertaking Integral Leadership Development, or ILD. While I had been through some professional self-examination before, ILD, which is rigorous and quantitatively based, was more profound than anything I had ever experienced. The multi-day exercises were challenging, emotional, and surprisingly fun. Looking back, the program helped prepare me for the rigors of business school in more ways than one:

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