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Hi everyone!

Come and join us at our final MFA Student Reading on Wednesday December 10th at 7:30PM in 209 Debartolo Hall for a dynamic mix of poetry, prose, and multimedia performance.

Paul Cunningham writes about the gap that exists between languages in translation, masculinities, sexuality, whiteness, and the police and surveillance understatedness of the United States.

 Suzi Garcia would happily turn the world’s entire population into glammed up cabaret dancing cyborgs. Her poetry will make you embark on a new walk of life.

 Garret Travis is at work on a novel concerned with underground rooms, bodies displayed on screens, mundanity, and a ghost that looks like Willem Dafoe.

 Rachel Zavecz is currently chronicling the epic story of Rat King and Robot Jesus. With emphasis on the “epic.”

The reading is free and open to the public.

Hope to see you there!

Kyle Muntz


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