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First MFA Student Reading Event poster

Two gentlemanly MFA students will be reading on September 28th, 2016: Zachary Anderson and Chris Muravez. They’ll be gracing us with their presence at 7:30 PM at the Fischer Community Center to kick off the first reading event this semester by second year Creative Writing MFA students.

If you haven’t noticed, the Creative Writing Program has had a desire to place every name in alphabetical order on anything that comes into the public eye. Interestingly enough, for this reading, alphabetical order has unknowingly provided a spectrum of knowledge.  As you get further into the alphabet, the writers’ descriptions about their works become harder to understand and become more abstract. I’m not sure what this means, but it certainly has me on the edge of my seat—since Moon and I are the ones who organized this particular reading event.

Zachary Anderson will read a selection from a long series of prose poems inspired in part by Baudelaire and the Tarot. He will also be reading some translations of the Romanian-French author Linda Maria Baros from her latest book, which is about the A4 Autoroute and deals with violence, displacement, and interstate/international travel.  His current poetry projects attempt to deal with the rural, constructions of wilderness, anti-humanism, and the gothic.

When we asked Chris Muravez about his work, his official statement to the press was, “I’ll be reading selections from my manuscript.” Very cryptic Muravez…very cryptic.

I am not sure how helpful this blog entry was at explaining to you what you might hear on September 28th, but I hope you are now interested enough to come  out and listen to whatever these gentlemen might say.


Daniel Tharp

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