Ní raibh sé thar mholadh beirte!

Dia daoibh! If you understood my title, don’t believe it! A million people praising wouldn’t be enough to equal what Gleann Cholm Cille deserves. One of the primary ambitions for this trip was to learn the turn of phrase that permeates poetry into the quotidian in Irish language. My title is so far my favorite example. Ní raibh sé thar mholadh beirte. Loosely, this means it wasn’t great, but literally, it means something is not above the praise of two people. For example: Bhí mé ag ceolchoirm aréir, ach ní raibh sé thar mholadh beirte! I went to a concert last night, but it wasn’t great (or more than two people there would not praise it). I could conjugate verbs from home, but hearing the language as it is spoken and learning the colloquial phrases would be impossible without direct exposed contact to speakers. Bím an t-ádh orm!

Speaking of lucky, I was able to take a swim in the ocean today. Was it cold? Bhí sé fuar, ach ní ro-fhuar. I needed it though. After struggling through learning a few Irish dance steps (which I will provide no video evidence of), I needed to cool off.

Slán go foill!