Week Five in Amman

This past weekend my friends and I took a five hour bus ride to Aqaba with Jett Travel (the Jordanian equivalent of Greyhound). It was a long bus ride with lots of cigarette breaks (all Jordanian men smoke… around 80%… they’re fiends for nicotine!) but we made it with pretty good morale. Upon arriving we went to our Airbnb and immediately went in search for some great food. We stumbled upon the best cafeteria in all of Aqaba. For just 3 JD (around 5USD) the entire group of 8 of us ate falafel and hummus and pita galore. It was incredible. The next day we hit the beach and drank a few beers and smoked some shisha (hookah– all tobacco product). It was incredible to think that we were swimming in a body of water that historically caused one of the most catastrophic Arab wars: War of ’67 (or, in Arabic, al-Naksa… the setback). It was an awesome weekend.