Calling Oracle Stored Procedures from Ruby with ruby-plsql

Isn’t it nice when something just works?  We are building Ruby on Rails apps on top of Oracle, so we’re using the Oracle Enhanced ActiveRecord adapter on top of the ruby-oci8 driver library.

The ActiveRecord adapter gives us a nice AR wrapper around our existing Oracle schema, which is great, but what about when I want to work with stored procedures or functions?  Turns out the author of this adapter, Raimonds Simanovskis, has a gem just for this called ruby-plsql.

Include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'ruby-plsql'

Then, write an initializer that hooks it to your existing ActiveRecord connection (config/plsql.rb)

plsql.activerecord_class = ActiveRecord::Base

After that, calling procedure is easy.  Oracle return types are automatically cast to ruby types.  Oracle exceptions are raised as OciError, which contains a “code” and “sql” attribute.  However, you can call a “message” method on that exception to get the full error output.

Here I call an Oracle procedure, idcard.nd_is_valid_pin using the plsql object provided in the gem:

ok_pin = plsql.idcard.nd_is_valid_pin( new_pin )
  if ok_pin
    plsql.idcard.update_pin_pr( @info.ndid, params[:old_pin], pin )
    raise Errors::InvalidInput
rescue OCIError => e
 render json: { error: e.message }, status: :unprocessable_entity

That’s it!  Nice and easy, and “rsims” is two for two.

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