Accounting for Every Hour Spent in Mod 1

By: Sean Gwaltney

Ever wonder why you only find anecdotal accounts of MBA programs? No, you probably do not. We all know asking students to track their activities day-in-day-out is a little unreasonable. Students are already pulled in a thousand different directions; making them stop before and after each event to quantify 30 different measurements is absurd! Fortunately, in my previous life, data collection of this type was essential to measuring performance, especially when establishing baselines. Perhaps foolishly, I decided to track each of my MBA related activities (sans the happy hours) according to metrics describing date, total time, class, type of activity, my engagement level, the number of unique insights, and location. I also considered detail such as whether the activity was obligatory or extracurricular, individual or group -based, if I was interrupted during the activity, and the method of engagement; e.g., listening, collaboration, creative, etc. What follows is a sample of my data-driven account of August 16 through October 2, 2017, commonly called Mod 1 (excluding the Integral Leadership Development onboarding sessions). Continue reading “Accounting for Every Hour Spent in Mod 1”