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Always, I feel like the beginning of fall, maybe more so than other seasonal changes, has many positive associations to go along with it. Fashion-wise, you can begin layering again, breaking out that cool sweater or edgy denim jacket you’ve had in the closet since spring. Halloween comes along, and we can all enjoy picking out costumes and the spooky decorations adorning houses around the neighborhood, along with the fun nostalgia that comes along with Halloween TV specials and the like. The drama of playoff baseball takes place in the fall (although in fairness this can be stressful), and the NFL season begins again. The foliage, of course, is the prettiest it will be all year. Hot chocolate. Flannel.

Another thing about the fall that maybe goes underappreciated: writing programs the world over begin their student reading series! Notre Dame’s first reading will take place on October 11, and the readers will be Daniel Uncapher and Erik-John Fuhrer.

Here are the readers’ bios:

Daniel studied philosophy and classics at the Universities of Edinburgh and Mississippi, where his creative non-fiction and poetry won first and third place in the 2013 Southern Literary Festival. He operates a private letterpress in Water Valley, Mississippi called Ridge & Furrow, collects incunabula and mid-century jacketed hardcovers, and used to be a hip-hop videographer. His most recent interests include the work of the Water Valley writer Hubert Creekmore and the unique literary legacy of Gogol, Chekhov, Kafka and Borges. His short fiction has appeared in Neon Literary Magazine and his creative non-fiction about Mississippi in The Baltimore Review.

Erik Fuhrer is interested in literary boundary crossings, manifested most recently in representations of the nonhuman and transgressions between human and nonhuman subjects in modernist literature. He is inspired by hybrid forms of literary expression that elide genre boundaries as well as by quiet, lyric poetry that often achieves the same transgressions more subtly. He is currently also a PhD student in English at Notre Dame where he is a presidential fellow. His work has previously appeared in The Long Island Quarterly, First Literary Review East, The Fib Review, The Shotglass Journal, and the Oxonian Review, where he was a finalist for their Third Annual Poetry Competition.

Come and bring everyone you’ve ever met. I am in workshop with both writers, so I can personally vouch for how awesome the night will be.

The reading will be at Geddes Hall auditorium at 7:00 PM.


Jake McCabe

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