Lin, Wei

Name: Wei Lin
Location of Study:
Program of Study: China
Sponsor(s): Liu Family

One thought on “Lin, Wei

  1. It’s the night before my flight to Beijing tomorrow. I am still packing and making sure everything is in place. My flight is in the afternoon, so if I’m missing anything, I’ll have the morning to get it. It’s nerve-wracking and somewhat sad to leave my family again. We just had a going away dinner with family friends at a Chinese restaurant and I got to place the 12 entrée order. I contacted all the friends that I knew where going to China and making sure I’d get a chance to see them in China. My over-protective mother has been telling me about all the types of criminal tendencies people in Beijing have. She told me about muggers, con-artists, and many other incidents reported in the news… She’s not exactly the best person to ease your anxiety, but I will keep all her advice in mind: Ask for the price before paying, bargain, avoid traveling alone, don’t act snobbish, be alert, keep your bag in front of you while using public transportation, keep your phone in your pocket, and the list goes on. I’m going back to packing for now.