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  1. First week-
    My first week of class was a great experience. I arrived in Pittsburgh Sunday evening and immediately began classes on Monday morning. Things are going quite quickly in class but I am learning a lot and enjoying my time here. Each Tuesday and Thursday, we get to watch a different film from all the different Slavic countries represented in the program, and it is interesting to examine modern cinema in these countries and see how modern life is represented. Additionally, each Friday we have a BCS movie, which this week was a Croatian movie called Sonja and the Bull. This was a fantastic comedy which I highly recommend for everyone, and don’t worry, it has subtitles. On Saturday night, the American Serbian Club of Pittsburgh hosted a party with a Serbian DJ the class went out dancing with our teachers. It was a great time where we learned to Kola(Serbian folk dancing) and ate cevapci, which I remember from my time in Belgrade.

    In terms of BCS learning, it is going great, but one interesting thing that is sometimes difficult to remember is the lack of pronouns and articles in BCS. There is no “the” in BCS. I never though that not having “the” in a sentance would trip me up as much as it has, but I am getting the hang of it. I am looking forward to my second week as things will start increasing exponentially. For now, I am going to sit back, and enjoying the ride as my language skills continue to expand.