Rosenbaum, Adam Rene

Name: Adam Rene Rosenbaum
Location of Study: Peru
Program of Study: Spanish
Sponsor(s): Robert Berner

6 thoughts on “Rosenbaum, Adam Rene

  1. I have been living in Peru for two weeks now and have been loving it! At first the culture shock was intense, but now I am used to the food and lifestyle. Being surrounded by Spanish was difficult at first, and still is at some points, but I am getting adjusted to the using my Spanish with confidence and asking for help when I need it. My classes have really helped me polish my grammer skills and reading abilities, and I am going to focus on improving my vocabulary in the upcoming weeks. In the afternoons, I volunteer at Clinica San Juan de Dios, helping children with mental and/or physical disabilities. This is always the highlight of my day. I really enjoy playing with the kids and a lot of them are now trying to learn English! It really makes my day when they ask me to stay when I tell them that I need to leave.

  2. I can really feel an improvement in my reading and conversational abilities, having been in Cusco for three and a half weeks. I still am working to increase my vocabulary, but I am improving in this domain as well. I love working with the kids at San Juan de Dios, and volunteering there is really the highlight of my day. The kids are a blast to play with, and a lot of the time they help me with my Spanish. I am currently recovering from a cold, but have been enjoying my time here regardless.

  3. This week my Spanish classes have been moved to the afternoon, so I will be going to the clinic in the mornings. This is when the kids that live at the clinic have school, and they are joined by many other kids that just come for school. I am working in a class of about 13 kids around the ages 6 and 7. I am having to learn a lot of new names, faces, and personalities, as I only knew three kids in the class at the start. I am excited to see the kids in a different setting and hope to be as helpful as I can.

  4. I feel like I have really made great strides in my Spanish abilities since being in Cusco. I have really been improving my reading ability and can also feel improvement in my grammer. My vocabulary is continuing to grow as well, and I find it really helpful to focus on certain new words every day. Also, having spent more time talking with my host parents, my listening and conversational skills are making progress. Sometimes when I finish talking to them, I can still feel myself thinking in Spanish!

  5. It´s hard for me to believe that I only have a week left in Cusco! I already know that my last day at San Juan de Dios, where I am volunteering with children with disabilities, will be very sad for me. I will really miss the kids! It is amazing for me to think that I have spent 7 weeks in Peru, and I have really noticed an increase in my Spanish abilities and confidence. I really want to make sure that in the rest of my time here that I continue to take in the language, people, and culture of Cusco.

  6. Leaving Cusco was really difficult for me. After living there for eight weeks, having to part from my host parents and the city was really hard. But the most difficult thing for me was to say goodbye to the kids at San Juan de Dios. They were sad to see me leave, and I was sad to leave them. Upon reflection of my time in Cusco, I feel a new confidence with my ability to communicate in Spanish and am excited to continue to improve my Spanish in the future.