Richards, Tyler

Name: Tyler Richards
Location of Study: Russia
Program of Study: Russian
Sponsor(s): Robert Berner

One thought on “Richards, Tyler

  1. 1. June 29, 2013

    Before travelling to Moscow, I have to admit that although I am over eager in order to start yet another adventure in my life, I am still a bit nervous and apprehensive about the whole “being an American in Russia” thing, especially due to the recent international relations dilemma surrounding the whereabouts of Edward Snowden. Whenever someone asks me about my internship plans or where I am planning to vacation during the summer, they are always perplexed and confused when I give them my response. “You’re living in Moscow for five weeks? Isn’t that dangerous?! Have you ever heard of a thing called the Cold War? Why would anyone ever want to go to Russia?” The best response that I have gotten is: “Are you a communist?” However, despite this great sense of uneasiness, I see studying abroad in Moscow as a great opportunity (and no, I am not a communist despite my friend’s great sense of concern). It is an opportunity to not only further my Russian language skills but also an opportunity to further myself as a person. I believe we only grow when we force ourselves to leave our comfort zone and I feel the jump from living just outside of Washington, D.C. to living in Moscow is quite the leap. But now I’m off and on my way and I can’t wait to keep you updated on what I do from here! Увидимся позже! See you later!