How to survive a Notre Dame winter

By: Stacy Srivastava

Notre Dame's campus in winter is a snow globe come to life (Image used with permission. Photo credit: Jessica Cepele Photography)
Notre Dame’s campus in winter looks like a snow globe come to life. (Image used with permission. Photo credit: Jessica Cepele Photography)

If you’re from a warmer climate, you may wonder how we in the Notre Dame MBA program manage the wintry chill and deep snow on campus. Have no fear. As a lifelong Midwesterner, I’m here to offer my expert advice on surviving a South Bend winter:

1. Dress for success. To equip yourself before the cold hits, you need:

* A coat: warmth is key. Nobody will judge you if you spend the season looking like you’re wearing an ankle-length sleeping bag. Seriously.

* Boots: warm and waterproof, with good traction for slippery sidewalks. I personally swear by my fleece-lined Hunter boots, but there are many other options if Hunters aren’t your style. 

* Accessories: a hat that covers your ears; a thick scarf that you can pull over your face; and warm, waterproof gloves. (Optional but highly recommended: fleece leggings or some other thermals that you can wear under jeans. These are also great for chilly tailgates and football games!)

The price tag for these items can be steep, but there are many nearby outlet stores that offer high-quality items at a great price.

2. Use your locker. Interviews and recruiter events continue in spite of the weather. Luckily, each student gets a locker in the Mendoza building, so you can avoid stomping through the snow in your suit and dress shoes.

3. Embrace the season! If you’re still reading, I haven’t scared you off. I’m glad, because I want to be clear: wintertime is magical. Notre Dame’s campus looks like a snow globe come to life, and there are many outdoor activities to take advantage of in the cold. Last year, students had a blast snow tubing in nearby St. Joseph County Park, and we are planning more winter excursions this year. So put on your winter clothes, get outside, and enjoy it!

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blog-profile-photoStacy lived in Chicago prior to business school and is originally from Traverse City, Michigan. She is concentrating in corporate finance and business analytics, and attended Northwestern University for her undergraduate studies. Her favorite Notre Dame memory is the 2016 winter formal at the Blue Heron. You can find Stacy on Instagram and LinkedIn.