Why I’m glad I waited (for B-school)

By: Bill Brunner

(Editor’s Note: The Round 2 admissions deadline is coming up! In honor of the occasion, enjoy this bonus post from MBA IRISH ECHOES, and be sure to check back over the next few days for more content.)

(Photo courtesy University of Notre Dame)

It is funny looking back at my first year out of undergrad, because I had a comically unrealistic expectation about the impact I would make. It was a rude awakening to spend what felt like an eternity (six months) as a glorified proofer. I remember saying to myself multiple times, “Did I really go to school for four years to do this?” I also remember thinking I was going to put in one year in the professional world and then go to business school. My flaw here (among many) was that I thought business school was only going to teach me how to apply theories and to learn from previous case examples, similar to college. I hadn’t thought about invaluable learning tool that is the symbiotic sharing of past work experiences among classmates.  Continue reading “Why I’m glad I waited (for B-school)”

Season’s greetings!

The many Christmas trees of Notre Dame. Clockwise from top left: Notre Dame MBA lounge, Golden Dome, Mendoza atrium, Main Building admissions office, DeBartolo PAC, and LaFortune student union (Photo courtesy Nitesh Srivastava)

On behalf of the entire Notre Dame MBA community, we at MBA IRISH ECHOES wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!  Continue reading “Season’s greetings!”