How an ND MBA student ended up in a boxing ring

By: Zak Pedersen

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Perhaps I’ve taken this advice too literally, but it adequately sums up my aberrant decision to participate this winter in the 87th Annual Bengal Mission Bouts Boxing Tournament at the University of Notre Dame, while balancing a full-time class workload in the Notre Dame MBA program.

Our revered Professor of Management, Mike Crant, has said that avoiding conflict is a natural human inclination. The sentiment is intuitive: Stepping into a boxing ring is an intimidating experience – just ask 16 year-old Mike Tyson who had cold feet the night of his first professional bout.

Why, then, would a guy who is here trying to enrich his brain take part in such a paradoxical activity like boxing? I’ll tell you.  Continue reading “How an ND MBA student ended up in a boxing ring”